Special offering to jumpstart dotcoms with existing investment capital. This co-branded program is NOT available directly from Cisco. The start-up company must be registered as a Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. customer. Contact    T212.628.2178   F212.744.2089

For qualified customers, Electronic-Boardroom T&MVInc® Solutions is pleased to offer:

  • Cisco solutions that are resilient, scalable, secure, and managable.
  • aggressive guaranteed financing by Cisco Capital: $450,000 lease available today with no credit check (more financing available)
  • 90 day no pay policy
  • access to recent Cisco intellectual property related to website infrastructures

Qualifications for Start-up company

  • privately-held with less than 33% public company ownership interest;
  • must have received an investment of capital within 12 months of anticipated equipment purchase date.
  • Enterprise business focus NOT a service provider
  • Lifetime cumulative Cisco equipment purchases less than $100,000
  • purchase in one order, an end-to-end Cisco solution including all of the following: (1 multiservice router: 1700,2600,3600or 7200; 1 catalyst ethernet switch:2900,3500,4000,5000 or 6000; 1 Cisco local director load balancing product; 1 Cisco PIX Firewall Security Product; 1 year of smartnet or onsite maintenance)
    Leasing arrangements for any manufacturer’s new hardware, software and support programs.



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