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Helping Rebuild America These co-branded programs are not available directly from Cisco.
—- Rebuild your infrastructure today, no payment for 90 days! Since horrific attacks on America have caused the pychological and economic state of our country to be in limbo, we have created a plan to alleviate the cost of paying for the hardware, software and services upfront and having to make immediate monthly payments upon delivery and installation. Email your total cost and leaseterm to or fax to 212.744.2089 and we will fax back a lease.

—-The start-up company must be registered as a Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. customer. Email with your hardware, software & support purchase prices and whether you want FMV, 12-60 month lease. We will assess your viability for special offers and get back to you with a lease arrangement. Qualified customers will receive aggressive guaranteed financing by Cisco capital; $450,000 lease available same day with no credit check; 90 day no pay policy; access to recent Cisco intellectual property related to websiste infrastructures. The qualifications for the start-up company are: privately-held with less than 33% public company ownership interest; must have received an investment of capital within 12 months of anticipated equipment purchase date; enterprise business focus, not a service provider; lifetime cumulative Cisco equipment purchases less than $100,000; purchase in one order, an end-to-end Cisco solution including all of the following: 1 multiservice router–1799, 2600, 3600 or 7200; 1 catalyst ethernet switch– 2900,3500,4000,5000 or 6,000; 1 cisco local director load balancing product, 1 cisco PIX Firewall Security Product; 1 year of smartnet or onsite maintenance. We can do leasing arrangements for any manufacturer’s new hardware, software and support.


cisco reseller productivity tools T&MVInc is an authorized reseller for XO Communications T1 lines & webhosting; ESoft Firewall and Virtual Private Network; Dell; Cisco; Tektronix printers, Compaq and other equipment through TechData, and custom stationary through Carlson Craft.

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