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This unique rating system employs a ranking in 4 categories. Each technology company reviewed by the Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) Newlsletter will be questioned, analyzed and judged within and across the 4 categories below:
1. Technology — Is the company on the right path to develop or sustain superior information technologies?
2. Marketing — Does the company have a realistic marketing strategy to exploit the superior technology?
3. Ventures — Has the company chosen the right partners and made effective use of alliances to enhance its products, services and operations?
4. Inc. — Does the company have a coprorate structure that is nimble and flexible enough to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace?

Our first subscriber was in 1992. This real estate merchant bank was asked to invest in internet firms with no earnings per share. In 1998, we identified and invested in unknown stars like Cisco, Lycos and WebTV. We sold for handsome profits in 2000.
Annual subscription fees are $100/month. The newsletter is included in the Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) club subscription of $500/month.

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