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Electronic-BoardroomTMVI® Oxford Initiative Passes Time Test and Offers Strategic Standards –

June Klein Chosen Again As Governance Speaker and Book Contributor for Oxford Conference

July 6, 2002 Oxford, U.K. June R. Klein, CEO of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc., was chosen again as a governance speaker and panel chair for the Oxford University International Conference. She also continues as a contributor to the book series published by the Oxford Centre of Business and Educational Values. Ms. Klein’s approach to blending the electronic-age with traditional governance in the 21rst Century was previously televised by Oxford University, UK. This Best Practices briefing can be licensed in various media formats and customized for an Electronic-Boardroom TMVI® TV Segment. The licensing package will also include The 2002 Standard for Boardroom Success and Tax Solutions for Technology Transfer.  electronic-boardroom.com/IntellectualCapital2go(tm)15.html


At the 1997 Oxford sessions, Ms. Klein launched the Electronic-BoardroomTMVI® Model for governing change, complexity and risk as a methodology to avoid debacles like Enron and Andersen. In applying her four-pronged analysis to organizational structure and behavior, she identified that employee complaints may be one of several signs of ethical lapses, even when a corporation is socially responsible.  Other early warning signs appear by observing various decision tools, such as changes in ratings from electronic-trading bank credit systems. Further, borderless cyberspace changes products, machines, devices and culture. Therefore, boards need to be educated in fundamentally different ways and behaviors and must be more involved in strategy. Moreover, Ms. Klein recommended that every audit committee have an information specialist as either a committee member or an independent advisor. This is because the electronic-age has transformed data gathering, a process that is critical in helping the board monitor social and ethical standards as well as perform fiduciary oversight.

At this year’s Oxford workshop, Ms. Klein will collaborate with others from around the world to refine the TMVI® survey questions. CEOs and directors can assess their own firms based on this evolving best practices standard which is necessary in order to cope with all the dynamics in the 21rst century.

Another new Electronic-BoardroomTMVI® Solution focused toward creating holistic stakeholder wealth will be presented by Ira P. Klein, General Counsel of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. He will discuss How to Maximize Value by Minimizing Taxes on Technology Transfers.

About Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.

Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. has been serving the financial industry, information vendors and corporate boardrooms worldwide since 1992. T&MV specializes in architecting “killer applications”, managing electronic businesses and maximizing shareholder value. Electronic-Boardroom TMVI® Solution areas include: education, consulting, network, database, TV and newsletter.    http://www.electronic-boardroom.com/trademarkuses.html or call 212.628.2178.

About June R. Klein, Ira P. Klein

June Klein advises on boardroom management issues and implementations of electronic business applications. She has also served as an independent director for several publicly traded firms and is tech advisor to institutional investors managing $300billion. Her expertise is grounded in her previous executive positions at Wang, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch. She has an MBA in finance and marketing from NYU, a DP Management Certificate and Systems Research Institute Degree.  http://www.JuneKlein.com

Ira Klein advises on venture structuring, tax minimization and technology transfer. Prior to being General Counsel of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc., Mr. Klein was a Dow Chemical executive who was one of  8 people on the Union Carbide merger team. He started his career at a Wall Street law firm and holds an LLM in Tax from NYU Law School.


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