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TMVi PostDeath(tm) Services and Products
We help parentless babyboomers, trustees, executors and beneficiaries by taking the headache out of the heartache in the inheritance transfer process

When my last living parent died, I was amazed how archaic, uncoordinated, unautomated and prone to disaster the processes after death were. There is lots of estate planning, but when one dies, planning is not an option… just decisions and immediate actions. Further there are lots of specialists who focus on their portion only, but not integrators of the multi-disciplinary aspects. So, not by choice, but by necessity via my own loss of both parents, my husband (trust, estate and tax attorney), and me (banking, brokerage, insurance, processes, technology specialist), have started a new business to help others navigate through the mosaic maze of professionals, regulations, taxes, real estate and human issues.

– Heir Doctor and Sleuth(tm) Logistics

Inheritance Transfer Timeline. The one thing you must do after the funeral and before hiring an estate attorney, is to get your own plan of critical path dates.

Sample Timeline of Critical Dates in Estate Admin

Links coming soon for:
Getting Tax IDs and accounts to manage cash on hand for debts

6 month Real Estate Valuations ready if needed for 15 month Audit

Chart of Accounts and Custom Reports to manage contacts, bills , creditors, 12 different tax returns

25 Templates for managing the holistic process

Places to honorably discard lifetime of possessions. For example, tefillin, yamachas and prayer books can be brought to some temples.
– The Fifth Estate grounding by TMVi empirical research, case study, Oxford Internet Institute and Higher Education UK.

Brook Astor Case spurs on elder abuse blogs in the UK

Heirs of Sherlock Holmes Have a Tangled Web of Ownership Issues

TMVi Heir Doctors and Sleuths(tm) Present Governance Solutions

Bloglike format for new voice for wider audiences
– Electronically Honoring Your Family’s Past while living in the present and welcoming the future:

EvolvingBoomers(tm)Tour NYC Real Estate Roots for Mom’s 90th Birthday

EvolvingBoomers(tm) Tour NYC Manufacturer’s Roots for Dad’s 80th Birthday

EvolvingBoomers(tm) Honor 60th Birthday for next generation

Online Rememberance Page with Memorial prayer, mourner’s Kaddish, family reflections, future Yahrzeit Dates and reminder emails of dates

Videoconferencing of Unveiling one year after death so distant rememberers can participate.
Cemetery Plot
Videoconferencing London

Electronic-BoardroomTMVi(r) Lifelong Learning Award for 3 sisters CUNY class 1937
CUNY Education Award 3
Mom Class 1937 CUNY

Pictures of Dedication of lighted Memorial Plaque and kiddush for congregation followed by celebration of parents’ life for friends and family at deceased’s home prior to sale closing.
Lighted Memorial Plaques for husband & wife
Kiddush June Klein sponsor Temple Setting Celebration of Life at House BuffetForMomsFriends Garden Club Fruit GardenClubBelleHarbor

Bereavement in Judaism Process

– Inherited Stock Portfolio Process — date cost bases, analysis, methodology, trends, hold or sale actions

Assessment of Inherited Stock portfolio Assessment Inherited Stock Portfolio

Rating System for Stock Assessment Finance
Rating System for Stock Assessment

Trends Regulation Exchange Drivers Finance
Trends Regulation Exchange Drivers Finance

Merged Exchange Stocks Finance
Merged Exchange Stocks Finance

TMVi Methodology Finance
TMVi Methodology Finance

Cost Basis Inherited Stocks Finance
Cost Basis Inherited Stocks Finance

Gain Loss Price Hold Sell Finance
Gain Loss Price Hold Sell Finance

– Electronic-BoardroomTMVI(r) Integrator System – Electronic-BoardroomTMVI(r) INTEGRATOR Signal Flow— patent pending hardware, software, applications for your holistic digital life.

Signal Flow

– Electronic-BoardroomTMVI(r) INTEGRATOR Setup Diagram — patent pending hardware, software, applications for your holistic digital life.

Signal Flow

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