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June R. Klein, CEO
Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.
444 East 82 St
New York, NY 10028-5922
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June Klein Chosen As Technology Adviser To Institutional Investors

Managing $300 Billion

NEW YORK, NY – July 23, 2001 – June R. Klein, CEO of Technology &

Marketing Ventures, Inc. has been appointed to the Council of Communications Advisors. She will serve as consultant for institutional fund managers and venture capitalists who collectively represent $300 billion in managed funds. Ms. Klein has been invited to take part in confidential telephone, email and in-person consultations on technology areas, company products and survey results.

The Council was founded by Gerson Lehrman, the coordinator of primary research efforts for 120 clients including Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Salomon Smith Barney, Fidelity Fund Management, CIBC Oppenheimer, Viking Global Investors, and Gilder Gagnon Howe. The Council’s purpose is to promote business innovation and continuing education by facilitating the flow of relevant technical knowledge to institutional investors.

About June Klein

June Klein advises on boardroom management issues and implementations of electronic business applications. She has also served as an independent director for several publicly traded firms. Her expertise is grounded in her previous executive positions at Wang, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch. She has an MBA in finance and marketing from NYU, a DP Management Certificate and Systems Research Institute Degree.

Oxford Press published Ms. Klein’s Model for 21st century Governance and Values.

Her lecture on blending the electronic-age with traditional governance was televised by Oxford University, UK.  This Best Practices briefing can be licensed in various media formats and customized for an Electronic-Boardroom TMVI® TV Segment.

About Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.

Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. has been serving the financial industry, information vendors and corporate boardrooms worldwide since 1992. T&MV specializes in architecting “killer applications”, managing electronic businesses and maximizing shareholder value. Electronic-Boardroom TMVI® Solution areas include: education, consulting, network, database, TV and newsletter. or phone (212) 628 2178.

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