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– Oxford, UK Briefing- TMVI Model for Corporate Governance – An Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) Solution

Oxford scene: corporate governance & social values Directors who watch this program will have a unique template to use to manage complexity, change and risk. This tool is focused toward maximizing shareholder value and ensuring corporate survival. Traditional models of governance are insufficient in the electronic age. This new, integrated model and sampling of best practices can be applied to organize and analyze strategic initiatives. It was developed to help overseers cope with ethical issues confronting a global economy and a workforce with unprecedented diversity. The lecture was filmed by Oxford TV studios at the International Conference of Social Values. This Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) guide was published by Oxford Centre for values in education and business.

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Custom Marketing Program Leveraging Oxford Briefing

consultant to CEOs, directors and financiers June Klein, strategic consultant to CEOs, directors and financiers, will work with you and either your staff or T&MV Inc.’s staff. We will define a program that combines the Oxford briefing in a memorable way tailored to your needs. The outcome will be focused at achieving your core goal and disseminating your key message to a targeted audience.

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