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RE: Corporate Governance Social Values Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below in terms of the Electronic-Boardroom Solutions model. That is, analyze each issue as it relates to (a)Technology– critical to all enterprises today, as demonstrated by the Year 2000 problem and director liability & interdependencies with all business areas. (b) Marketing- without which no entity can survive, exemplified in the strategic plan, cause related programs and public perceptions of firm. (c) Ventures- an enterprise’s affiliations and positioning, which can include coping with troubled subsidiaries and consortium management. (d) Inc.- pulling an enterprise together, including turnaround techniques critical to boards of directors. This business of the board is to maximize shareholder value while incorporating ethical and social values.

1. What social values issues are truly the responsibility of a corporate board?

2. How does a board influence business management and ethics?

3. In the electronic age, do old models work, or must new models be developed to help business – and its overseers – cope with the social values and ethical issues confronting a global economy and a workforce with unprecedented diversity?

Please return your responses to June Klein at any of the addresses indicated above. Thank you for your participation.

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