The Electronic-BoardroomTMVI®Solutions division offers corporations and educational institutions integrated research, services and products. – Research is standardized by using the Technology-Marketing-Ventures-“Inc.” template for change management and strategic guidelines. The web-site is used as a forum to discuss and integrate director and trustee issues and solutions. We incorporate the best real-world practices from the best or most-experienced minds. -Services include: advising on boardroom management issues; implementing electronic-business applications;developing information needed for specific focused needs; director searches; customized multi-media implementations.

Customized Products for Boardroom Needs:

  • TV shows shown over private institutional networks
  • Secure chat sessions via videoconferencing

Limited edition Products available by invitation only:

  • Reports: authoritative research briefings in written & online formats
  • Videotapes with critical methodology and “how-tos”
  • Book published by Oxford University Press “Electronic-Boardroom TMV® Solutions”

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